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Behavior is communication and we are listening.

Sunrise Therapeutic Services of Virginia uses the principles of progressive play-based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and effective instructional practices to support children in becoming their best individual selves. Sunrise Therapeutic Services of VA believes that each child is uniquely and wonderfully made. 


Behavior is everything we do; behavior is language, communication and most importantly, it is FUNCTIONAL. All behavior serves a purpose, even if we aren't aware of it. Using the principles of ABA, we can get to the root cause of behaviors and work to build skills and positive replacement behaviors to support individuals and families thrive in their homes, schools, and communities. 

Sunrise Therapeutic Services of Virginia believes that compliance is never the goal. It is wonderful when your child listens and responds appropriately to requests or rules, but they should do so from exposure to learning opportunities that support skill building. We are here to help you develop those learning opportunities! 

Connections and compassion, not compliance.

Every child deserves to be heard.

We support children, families, and their caregivers to develop skills needed for communicating needs, wants, and boundaries. We create individualized support plans that utilize positive reinforcement to promotes language development. Many problem behaviors are a result of communication deficits. We believe that all children deserve to be heard. We would like to work with you, your child, and their team of related service providers to support positive behavior through the development of appropriate language skills!


Kelly White is the owner and provider of Sunrise Therapeutic Services of Virginia. Kelly is an experienced educator passionate about supporting students, teachers and families as they work towards meeting their academic and social/emotional goals. 

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