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Kelly White is the owner of Sunrise Therapeutic Services of Virginia and lives in Bracey, Virginia with her husband, two children, and two dogs. Kelly discovered the world of ABA while working as a teacher. Whether you are a teacher or parent, Kelly believes that ABA can be beneficial for everyone!


As a Special Education teacher, she found that too often the box on the IEP that asked, "Does behavior impede learning" was being checked. As a regular education teacher, she found that many classroom management issues prevented the students from reaching their potential and her from delivering high quality instruction. She found the application of positive, intentional reinforcement and the use of consistent routines and procedures to be a key component in her success as a classroom teacher. The application of effective classroom management strategies is crucial to the ability to deliver effective instruction.

As a parent and early childhood educator, Kelly has navigated many situations that have exposed the great need for parent support. In the midst of her own parenting journey, Kelly has learned that when we know better, we do better.

Mary Baldwin University

Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis

Master of Education, Leadership

Virginia Tech

Bachelors of Arts, History


Eastern Mennonite University

Restorative Justice in Education Certification


Virginia Commonwealth University

New Teacher Center Mentor Certification


Virginia Department of Education Licensure/Certification

Special Education, General Curriculum K-12

History and Social Science 6-12

Certified CLASS Observer: Infant & Toddler, PreK Programs




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