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Skill Building

All individuals learn in their own special way. Many problematic behaviors can be addressed through intentional and individualized instructional planning . Through the application of research based practices and the use of positive reinforcement, role playing, and modeling, all individuals can build the skills needed to increase desired behaviors. 


Intake Assessment

All new clients will begin with an assessment that measures skills. This will help guide us to determine what skills are in place and what skills need to be targeted. 

Working with families and support systems, we will identify goals and create a plan to help the individual meet those goals!



Instruction will be 1:1 sessions with the individual in the home, school or community. The ideal setting for treatment is the location where the behaviors occur. 

Additional training will be provided so that interventions and treatment plans can be consistent across the individual's support systems. 


Evaluate Progress

Determining the effectiveness of a strategy requires data collection and analysis. If a client isn't progressing, we will review the instructional plan and research new ways to support the individual and their families. Instructional plans can and will be revised frequently to maximize skill acquisition.

Family input is critical to the success of individualized planning. We are a team working in the best interest of the child!

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