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Our Services

We offer a variety of private pay services.  All payments are due prior to services being provided. Each service includes the research and development of individualized programming to meet the needs of your child. Research based practices to promote skill building will be developed and shared with caregivers through direct or pre-recorded training. New client assessments as well as quarterly assessments will be presented and shared with clients and caregivers. Monthly progress reports will be generated with optional meetings to review the clients progress and adjust instructional and behavioral goals. 

Additional discounts available for current Caring Hearts Academy students in South Hill, VA. 

Supporting Individuals

Supporting children through individual programming focusing on developing language and functional communication. 

Skill-based assessments designed to be shared with providers to support development of IEP goals.

Supporting Caregivers

Caregiver & Family Training is a 12-week course designed to develop strategies to use in the home with your child to develop positive behaviors and address negative behaviors through skill building. 

Balance Program designed for families of young children experiencing mild problem behavior in the home.

Supporting Educators

Educator Training on classroom management strategies and environmental modifications that can help promote positive student behavior. 

Pre School Life Skills Program training and support. 

Behavioral consultation and training in the educational setting.

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